Why Fun Stuff Spot

Welcome to the Fun Stuff Spot family.

My name is Joe, and after years of working in the global supply chain and logistics industry I decided to try something new. After much research we decided to try e-commerce and to start an online shop where people can shop with confidence, find quality products for a reasonable price, and have a support structure they can rely on. This led my wife (Sheila) and I to form Fun Stuff Spot LLC. We operate out of Northwest Indiana in the United States.

Well, now you can have a website, you can have all the fancy apps to help operate your store, but what products you’re going to carry, and what types of solutions you will bring to your customers was the next big step thing to decide.

We decided to carry quality jewelry which was special. Most of our products come with a “message”. You can buy jewelry everywhere, but to have it come with a message to convey your love for another person was perfect.

We have since expanded our product line to include metal/steel artwork signs which are customizable and jewelry products our customers can “add their own touches” to….

Some of our customers have said, “why don’t you do this” or “why don’t you carry this”, so we do have a selection of products which fall into the “you asked, we did” category… Who would have thought a waterproof backpack with a built in USB port would be a thing…? A Mandla Yoga Room Light is a thing?? Well, they are now in stock…

We look forward to growing along with our customers and look forward to hearing from you. As you look around our store, we would like your input. We have many places for you to contact us and would love to hear from you.

We also want you stay informed so we invite you to follow our Facebook Fan Page Here

Welcome to our Journey, it is fantastic to have you along.