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Microfiber Shower Cap Towel For Women

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Features:1. Natural high-quality coral velvet fabric is selected, which is very soft, green and environmentally friendly, comfortable and skin-friendly, soft and fluffy, delicate and smooth, and fresh and comfortable for long-term use2. The material is light and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, water-absorbing and quick-drying3. The shape is cute, soft, and comfortable, it absorbs water instantly, and it is not easy to shed hairPackage Includes:1x Hair TowelGuardian Cheats:Dry hair hat & electric blower, a good partner for dry hair1. Use a hairdryer cap to absorb most of the moisture, then use a hairdryer to dry your hair with cold air2. Wrap the hair with a hairdryer cap and blow it until it is dry. Both of the above can effectively protect the hair and reduce the dryness and frizz of the hair.Care instructions:Please wash in water temperature below 40 degrees and hand wash is recommended. Please put in a protecting net in case of machine wash and then dry naturally, the use of a dryer for drying is prohibited.