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Penn-Plax Dj Whiskerz Wireless Speaker Dancing Cat Toy with Catnip Fun and Entertaining for Your Cat

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DJ Whiskerz(TM) is the boombox your cat never knew they wanted!

Wirelessly stream your favorite tunes and playlists though DJ Whiskerz(TM) and watch your cat dance to the beat. Great for entertaining multiple cats!

Hip-Hop, Pop, Opera, Country... DJ Whiskerz(TM) can play it all. Connect your phone, tablet, computer, or other wireless device to DJ Whiskerz and he will play whatever your heart desires.

DJ Whiskerz(TM) measures 4" x 4" x 6.5" from base to the tip of his ears, and 11.5" total height including his red and silver streamers.

You and your cat will love his wild and unpredictable dance moves, and his irresistible streamers!
DJ Whiskerz(TM) also comes with a refillable catnip compartment that is sure to make your cat want to boogie. Catnip included!
Provide hours of entertainment for cats and their families with DJ Whiskerz(TM)!
Includes Universal USB Charger and Catnip

Once you get a video of your cat or dog playing along with DJ Whiskerz uploaded to social media, we're certain it will quickly become your most liked moment of 2019!